Thursday, September 30, 2010


Fernando called her, crying, saying he needs my help. He has no food and no one will help him. Not even his dad. She got crazy mad at me because I said no. He wasn't worried about us needing to pay rent and utilities and buy diapers and school clothes when he quit his job so why should I care about him now? She was sad and crying and scared he was gonna die from starvation. I am SO pissed off at him right now! So freaking selfish to put his problems onto Talise, he knows she worries all the time. She's not going to be allowed to talk to him for a while anyways because he keeps putting the kids in the middle. I overheard him tell Mylie to ask me when she can see him and to tell me she misses him.I can't for the life of me understand why he would want to burden our children with his problems.  Especially problems he created for himself. I know he is scared.  He still doesn't have a job.  The one he just knew he would get he hasn't. He has no car. He really believed that this was just a test. That even though he left, that I would take him back in. I hate to keep the kids from him, only because it upsets the girls. I cannot keep allowing him to upset them though. This is all hard on them enough already. why would he make it worse? Selfishness!