Monday, September 13, 2010

It NEVER ends!

Or at least it feels that way. Now he can't understand why I don't want to be friends. Now he calls ALL the time harassing me. Asking stupid things. Expecting me to behave like him. What about our pictures? Please don't burn them!  Do you really think I am like that? I mean he's known me 13 years! Why would I destroy anything that my babies may want? Why would I destroy anything that has positive memories? Then, yesterday I get a call at work from him. I am in the middle of scanning a critical patient and he's ranting and raving about my mother watching the girls.  I just hung up and called back after I was finished.  He doesn't care that my job affects other people's health.  Brain scans are important. Brain injuries need treatment quickly. So when I call back he's freaking out about Talise calling him because Granny popped her on the back of the head. She didn't tell him that the reason was because my mom was feeding Bronson and Mylie had a huge blow out diaper. My mom asked Talise to hose her down in the shower and my mom heard Mylie start screaming like mad so when she goes in there Mylie is pink. Mom felt the water and it was super hot.  Without even thinking about it she popped her. She then called me almost in tears because she popped her. She felt horrible and even apologized to Talise. It was her first reaction. He was saying he felt like he needed to protect Talise. What a joke! He's got a DFCS record for hitting Talise when she was Mylie's age. He had to take anger management and parenting classes. He's got police reports from where he tried to abuse me also. He was saying that he could come here when ever he wanted to. He said it like a threat. I am going to have to take legal action and quick. I have so much to do today. He doesn't realize that IF I have to, I will be ugly. The only reason we have been married as long as we have is because he wouldn't leave. Now that he abandoned our family I can finally be free. He forgets telling them that all three of them need to go to an orphanage. He forgets screaming at Talise because she dropped her plate on the floor.  He was poking her in the stomache cussing her and calling her names. He forgets grabbing Mylie and body slamming her into the bed because she was bouncing on it. Yet He needs to protect them. I was ALWAYS having to intervene. Getting between our children and him. I am SO angry about the whole situation.