Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Involving the children

This is a difficult time for them, well except Bronson. Fernando wasn't around Bronson much anyways, and when he was he didn't want to hold him much. The girls are a different story. Talise understands why she can't go see her dad right now. She just worries about him and asks about when she can go see him. I hope that eventually she can. Mylie knows that something is up, just not what.  I have no idea on how to address the issue with her. So, for now daddy is t work.  he'll call and not want to talk to Mylie because he can't understand her. He'll just hang up on her. She completely flips out.  It hurts her feelings, which angers me. I bite my tongue though. It's difficult. I overheard him telling Mylie to ask mommy when you can come see me. That got under my skin too. She's two! Plus that makes me the bad guy.  I shouldn't have to tell him not to involve our baby! He sends messages to me through Talise. She keeps asking me when I am going to start dating.  I really feel like he is putting her up to that. I told her not until I am divorced. Who has time for that?  I am alone with three children, two of which cannot be reasoned with. My neighbor across the street told me that he spoke with Fernando yesterday. Fernando thinks I am cheating on him. It couldn't be all that he put us through. No way! Must be another man.  He also asked my neighbor to spy on me. My neighbor says he refused.  Who knows.  Let him spy.  There's nothing to see. Fernando told him my mom beats the kids with a stick. The neighbor told Fernando he hasn't ever seen a mark on them. Fernando asked Talise tonight if he ever abused her.  She said she just sat there.  Then he said he only spanked her right? She didn't say anything. Then he said never mind. She told me that made her sad. I am so grateful that she has a good counselor to talk to. She likes him and she really likes being able to get things off of her chest without hurting any one's feelings. I just wish that Fernando wouldn't try to involve them. They love us both and don't want to be in the middle of this.