Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Redneck Town

As my husband would call it. That's where we reside. Our neighbors know everyone. People you don't know wave at you. Infact, my husband just rides with his hand up most of the time because every car that passes seems to wave at you. It is small. A lot smaller than where we are from, and what we are used to. I'm not exactly thrilled with our current location. However, I am getting there with my daughter's new school. It is a small school, only one classroom per grade. It educates from kindergarten to eighth grade. TINY. You know what though, after meeting me last year when I enrolled her the lady at the front desk remembered me. She remember my daughter. She walked us to her classroom to meet her teacher rather than just telling us how to get there. That pleased me so. Then today I got a phone call from Talise's teacher. She was worried that she embarrassed Talise at school and wanted to apologize and explain. She also wanted to be sure Talise understood her homework. I am very impressed. I may bake up something yummy for them. So, if they are rednecks, I guess I'm into rednecks. I like them and the kindness they have shown.