Friday, November 27, 2009


It has been an eventful week. The funeral was Tuesday.  It wasn't so bad. It doesn't feel real, I guess that's why it wasn't bad. I got to see my big brother.  I haven't seen him in three years.  That was nice,  He met Mylie for the first time.  He talked about how pretty and smart my girls are. I must agree. Tuesday night was my and Talise's date. The movie was good, the ride there and back was hellish. I will not take the van for anymore Girl Scout functions. Even poor Talise complained when we finally got back to our car. She had a headache from the ladies (if you want to call them that) sitting behind us yapping loudly the entire ride. Wednesday we cleaned and I cooked all our side dishes. I enjoyed it. I read online to cook the turkey breast  side down to make it extra juicy and we tried it Thursday.  let me tell you ~ YUM! The turkey was a big hit. That pleased me. Thannksgiving it self was a big hit.  I think it was the best meal I've cooked so far. I am proud. When my guests left my first instinct was to call Linda, then I remembered, I can't.  That saddened me. Talise went home with my mom.  She won' be back until Sunday. I miss her like crazy. She's called several times though.  That has been nice. Mom took her to the zoo today. Talise had a blast.  A bird and a goat followed her around.  I swear Talise is another Snow White.  Animals love her. I hope this weekend isn't bad.  Last weekend Mylie burned her hand on the stove. I didn't find out until the funeral.  My step father pointed out a blister that had popped. I took her to the Dr. Wednesday, two of the blisters were infected.  She got ointment for them and they seem to be healing nicely.  i was not at all happy to not find out until two days later though.  my husband knows better now though. Well off to bed, gotta get sleep for work tomorrow.

Monday, November 23, 2009


This weekend wasn't bad. I was dreading it, but it went okay. I've started craving red meats and orange juice. It gives me heartburn. I still gotta have it. I went to the dr. today, just a nurse appointment. Lots of questions to answer, and some blood work. I go back in two weeks. My brother flew in from Delaware today for my aunt Linda's funeral tomorrow. Typing out the words really sucks. It makes it all more real. It still feels like  bad dream. Like she's gonna call me up and tell me it was a cruel joke. I miss her so terribly bad. I hate the thoughts of tomorrow, and every other day without her in it. My mom and I are getting closer, at least right now we are. We'll see how long it lasts. Tonight Talise and I have a date! It's with girl scouts, but a date without daddy and  Mylie nonetheless. She's excited about it.  I am too!  We are going to see A Christmas Carol in 3d. It's perfect because it has gotten cold out so it feels more like Christmas weather. Well I must go.  I have a headache.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


So this morning I took the Intelligender test. It's a little early, I won't be ten weeks until Saturday, but I am anxious.  I now know how crucial it is to wait the appropriate amount of time. I cannot figure out my results. When held up to light the test looks orange - Girl! When sitting on the counter it looks green - Boy! I've sent the company emails with pictures attached with flash on and flash off, in direct sunlight and in natural light. I've just frustrated myself and possibly wasted thirty dollars because I will more than likely buy another test to take in a week or two.  I may be able to hold out until I am 15 weeks and get an ultrasound, but who knows.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Aunt Linda

  My aunt Linda died on Saturday morning. It was sudden. My mom and other aunt spoke to her the night before.  I had tried to call her twice, but got no answer.  She had had an intestinal virus for the previous three days, other than that she was fine. She was one of the two people that I speak to on a regular basis. Her and my mom.  Now just my mom. My heart aches.  I want so badly to call her. To hear her say "Hey babe!" We have to go through her things. I don't want to. She is being cremated, her service is next Tuesday, the 24th of November.  The day AFTER I can do Inteligender to see what kind of baby I am carrying. I never sent her videos of Mylie dancing or talking. That saddens me. I had to go buy funeral clothes today. For me and Mylie. It wasn't fun shopping. I've gotten sick from grief twice already. My sister in law called to check on me, she knew how close Linda and I were.  My first thought was, I need to call Linda and tell her how thoughtful Micha is.  I could literally hear her saying "How sweet" I am dreading Tuesday. I have a constant lump in my throat. I miss her terribly bad. I don't know how I am going to make it. I know I will, it just seems inconceivable at the time. I love you Linda, with terrible passion!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ultrasound Part 2

I had it today.  No more monitoring the cysts, at least he didn't mention it. He thinks they will dissolve on their own. Butterball is taking on baby shape! It's amazing to see the difference in just two weeks!  God is amazing! Just AMAZING! Heart rate was 167 bpm. Same due date.  Everything looks great. Next week when I get paid I will buy Intelligender.  On November 23, 2009 I will use Intelligender.  I will post pictures of the results.  I am anxiously awaiting the test. Will it be a Ryel or a Spencer? Dun, dun, dun...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

So much yet so little

I go back to the doctor next Thursday and have another ultrasound.  I am excited to see my little butterball again. I think we may have agreed on a name.  Girl = Ryel Mahlynn. Boy = Spencer Grant. There's still time to debate and change our minds, but I really like those right now. I found out today that my delivery shouldn't cost us a fortune.  That is a good thing because Talise has orthodontic work that needs to be done, I need a crown and I'm not even going into Fernando's mouth.  OMG!  Fernando registered for CDL classes today. He takes his Compass test on Monday.  he has been happier just feeling like a plan is in motion. I'm happy when he's happy. My niece is getting married!  How crazy is that? It totally doesn't seem like she is old enough, but I guess she is.