Friday, July 22, 2011

Myths or Lies?

I love the holidays. I go all out for my kids. Especially Talise, aka Emma. She was my only for 7 long years so my ex and I went to extremes, mostly for Christmas. I've gotten co-workers to write letters from Santa to her. I've dipped the soles of my exes work boots in flour to leave snowy foot prints across my floor from the fireplace to the tree (she was 4) I've sent video messages to her. I've done the I caught Santa photo's. I've even participated in the whole elf crap, not my favorite. The point is I wanted her to be as child like as possible for as long as possible. I wanted the holidays to be magical and exciting. They were. She's always loved Christmas and has believed in Santa as hard as she could...until now. She went to camp. Several girls told her that they caught their parents and that Santa wasn't real, but she could believe what she wanted. She asked. It wasn't the first time either. She's almost eleven, so I broke down and told her the truth. Oh My Goodness! She flipped! Why would I lie to her? Is the Easter Bunny real? What about her elf? So all that was me? Question after question I calmly answered and explained. I told her that when she has children of her own and she sees their little eyes light up with excitement about it all she'll understand. I sure hope she does. She has been going through this everyone hates me stage. I explained that I did those things out of love for her. Otherwise, why would I go through all the trouble? Believe me, some nights were miserable trying to set things up, remember to toss cookies, or crackers for the elf and move his spot. Especially the last two years between working over night and being a single parent it was not easy, but well worth it. Ive warned her not to spoil it for her sister and brother. She better keep her trap shut! She was quite upset about all the lies though. Trying to make her understand that love was behind them was not as convincing for her as I would have liked. Once she found out that she'll still get gifts she was much better about the situation though, that's my girl!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I am amazed at just how many brats their are in this world. Not just children and teens, those are to be expected.  Adults! Grown people having tantrums to get their way. And grown brats know no economic status. Poor, rich and middle class all have them. It simply blows my mind. I was raised that when you know better you do better. For brats I guess its what ever works for their world to follow as they see fit. I, as an adult, would not behave like a toddler, yelling names, throwing things and threatening to hit. A lot of so called adults do. These people have been catered to for so long I really feel that they know no other way. Its sad really. Or if they do know better and choose to act a fool, well I find that sad also. Something else that I find unbelievable is that the people close to these brats excuse their behavior! It's just how they are! Bullshit! I refuse to tolerate, or deal with behavior like that from an adult. If you don't put your foot down regardless of how hard it is for you to do they will never see how selfish, inappropriate, and disrespectful they are being. I will not stand for it. So to all these brats, stay out of my way!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

1st Hair Cut (lots of pictures)

It's time my sweet little fella starts looking like a boy. He can be in all blue and still people will comment on what a pretty girl he is. So we cut off his curls.