Friday, January 29, 2010

My sweet Mylie

Mylie, who often refuses to give kisses, sleeps in the bed with us.   I usually wake up before her. I like to lay there and watch her sleep.  Peaceful.  Soft pink cheeks, full cottoy lips, long black eye lashes. I watch her little face contort to whatever she is dreaming about. She's all snuggly, unless you try to touch her. Then it's "Go WAY!" Otherwise it is nothing but sweetness. When she wakes up, she'll glance over at me and say "Hi Momma!" It's so soft and small ~ lovely. Then it hits you, her breath.  The breath of death. How does such a beautiful creature develop such rancid breath? My morings are wonderful though, even with poopy breath.

Friday, January 22, 2010


I cannot WAIT to meet you! We all cannot wait to meet you! Every time I feel you wiggle around inside of me I get excited. I love you sweet baby. You are So wanted and loved already.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bronson it is!

I had my 16 week appointment today.  All went well.  I gained 4lbs. Bronson's heart rate was 147. I got blood drawn for the triple screen test and a Rx for valtrex because I have had three cold sores in the four months I've been pregnant. I go back in two weeks for my biophysical. I can bring a dvdrw to record it so Fernando can see. He has class and can't miss it. I hate that because he is SO anxious to see proof that Bronson is indeed a boy. It all seems too good to be true to him. The thoughts of evening the score around here thrills him.  Speaking of class, Fernando started his CDL classes today.  He is a happy man, which in turn makes me a happy wife. It has been a great day so far.  I hope it continues. I love you Bronson Dutra!