Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back on the wagon

So to speak. I just finished a round of Premetrium and waiting on my cycle so I can start Clomid again. Hopefully it will work. No sign of a cycle so far. My Dr. says to give it until Wednesday then give him a call if it still doesn't show. I've been looking into possibly being a surrogate also. For after we have another baby of our own. So far no luck due to Alabama laws, but we'll see. On a side note ~ we went on a vacation! What a relaxing trip! We went to Pensacola Beach. It was beautiful. White sands, clear, aqua waters. Our first beach vacation. The girls loved it. Mylie rolled around in to sand and ate a bit. She wasn't afraid of the ocean either. Talise loved it. We've always teased that she is part fish any how. It was pricey though. There was a charge just to walk on the pier! Needless to say we didn't walk. I am cheap that way. Next I want to take the girls to Rock City and Ruby Falls.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My week, so far

Monday morning Fernando had a Dr.'s appointment, just usual, routine stuff. I had to go to the dentist. Well his was first, he got a Rx for me to get filled on my way to the dentist. My appointment went well, although my jaw is STILL hurting. When I arrived at WalMart to pick up his Rx he had two instead of one. I was puzzled to see one was for Synthroid. I assumed the monkeys behind the counter got it wrong, seeing as how intelligent they usually are. I went home to ask my husband about it before I spoke to them though. He meets me outside and sits on the stoop. Nope, it's not wrong. The Dr.'s office called him because his labs were alarming. His cholesterol was elevated (fixable), his thyroid isn't functioning well (fixable), his kidneys are only functioning at 65% (OH SHIT!). My first though - SHUT UP! You are so full of crap! Nope! He's not. Then I start thinking - you cannot live without kidneys. I know none of his family would give up a kidney, they are WAY too selfish for that. I'd do it, but what if I am not a match. I immediately start freaking out, but trying to not let it show so He doesn't freak out and the kids don't worry. They wanted him to do a 24 hour urine catch so Tuesday morning we go to pick that up. I am STILL very stressed out! The lady behind the counter (we'll call her hell witch) Hell Witch smiles to greet us. I tell her why we are there and also that I would like a nurse to explain his lab results to me because I wasn't home when he got them and some details were difficult for him to remember. She tells me to have a seat and another little window will open in about 15 minutes they'll explain the urine catch labs. I said no that's not what I need clarified. Just the labs from yesterday. She still didn't get it, so I said you know what, forget it. Can we just get the urine jug? Then Hell Witch proceeds to roll her eyes, look hateful and take a deep loud breath. She gave me an eat a turd smile and said go have a seat and a lab tech will be right with you. I got angry, but went and sat down. While we were sitting there Hell Witch walks briskly past us to the lab, stands right at the door which is just a couple of feet behind us, and proceeds to tell the lab tech about the patient that just jumped all over her. I get crazy angry and started to cry. So I get up out of my chair and stand at the lab entrance and wait for her to turn around. When she does I start to explain that I am stressed about my husbands labs and was leading to an apology and she just KEPT WALKING! So I ask HELL WITCH to turn around and stop walking since I AM talking to her! I then proceed to tell her witchy butt that she should NOT roll her eyes at patients and SHOULD be able to fake a positive attitude if she doesn't have one. At that point I was still talking BUT HELL WITCH starting taking over me. So when she was finished I asked her her name. She gave me another go eat a turd smile and said HELL WITCH. So at this point a nurse has shown up and called Fernando back. Fernando is calling me, so I round up the girls and he wants me to tell them what was going on. I told them, they apologized and said they would talk to her. I said nope! I want to speak to the office manager. I am still crying, trying to not show them my crazy retard crying face. So far I am holding it together OK. They explain the labs and take us back to speak to the manager. I tell him my story, which opens the flood gates again. After all of this we went to see Up. It was good. It was an emotional movie that made me want to cry some more! I am so worried about my most aggravating husband. I love him. I don't want anything to be wrong with his kidneys. I cannot imagine him not in our lives. My heart is so heavy. I may cry some more.