The Doodlebug

Miss Mylie Isabel was the sweetest baby ever.  I cannot say it enough. She is six right now so she has her moments of insanity, but it really isn't a big deal.  She was named by her big sister who was a huge Miley Cyrus fan. She was prayed for for a long time. I begged, pleaded and cried out to God for my Doodlebug. When He answered He answered big. I had the easiest labor and I am a wimp. She came into the world gently, barely crying when they cleaned her up. She has always been happy and affectionate. She is complimentary, helpful, and looks for the good in others. She loves to read, to be sang to and color pictures for everyone she loves. She has an extensive vocabulary for her age,  and does excellent in school. She loves to get new clothes and to model them. She has a lot of attitude and spunk.  She likes other kids but is cautious. She was well worth the wait!