Thursday, September 16, 2010


Fernando has been promising Talise the world since he left.  I know he doesn't want to loose face with her. Although to me, he already has.  But I digress, he actually came through for her. He bought her some super cute Sketchers, a Venus flytrap, and gave her money to go to the movies.  I am impressed. I hope it is the start of a trend.  I won't hold my breath though. In other news I got my Alabama drivers licence today. It took a while, but my picture came out good. That pleased me. Of course I already felt better about myself since I was sporting my pre-pregnancy jeans. I felt pretty.  It was nice. I had a good looking date too. He was a little touchy feely and couldn't keep his mouth off of me. He's so handsome I didn't mind. Don't you agree?