Thursday, September 9, 2010

Venting so my head doesn't explode

Since I don't want my children to hear me say negative things about their father I will vent here. Oh My Goodness! He called and tells Talise that he needs to speak to me. What? He needs clothes. OK, I've already started packing them up, you can meet me at the storage unit to get them. His response? You mean you're packing my things? Uh, Yeah! What's going on he says. SERIOUSLY! I told him I didn't have time for games, unless he really needed something I had to go. I hung up. Total crap. Unbelievable! What's going on, are you kidding me? I felt like banging my head on the counter top. Well he calls back a few hours later. You know, never mind about the clothes. OK I say. How long can my things stay at the unit? As long as you need them there. I told him seeing as how I paid for most of it I wouldn't want to ruin things I worked hard for. I then said bye and hung up. He flipping calls again! It's late, the kids are asleep and I am getting ticked off. He asks me if the reason I am being so short with him is so that I can get over him. My thoughts were don't flatter yourself punk, however, I didn't say that. I told him he told me that he chose himself over our children, he said he couldn't wait to divorce me and that I could go f*** myself, so that's what I'm doing. Leave me alone and don't call back unless it is a true emergency. I'm telling you.  This whole routine is old already.  I cannot wait to get this over with. I am so over dramatic crap. How dare he name call and bully then act like a poor little victim.  You made your bed buddy, now lay in it. Oh and he joined Facebook after speaking with me. Never before has he shown any interest.  i guess he doesn't realise that you can block people and set things to private.