Thursday, February 25, 2010


Today I have washed several loads of clothes, folded and put them away. I have fed my children three hot meals, although none were prepared by me ;). I ran a ton of errands, paid a ton of bills (really just the monthly stuff).  Got my hair did! Took an awesome nap while my husband watched Miss Myliebel and went to get Talise from school. Fernando and I worked together to tackle our catch all room, it was a dirty job, but it's all clean now.  Both my beautiful girls are sleeping peacefully. My husband is currently washing the dinner dishes and all is well. I feel accomplished today. It is a great feeling.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A few random things

My Mylie went to the E.N.T. on Monday to see about why she is choking so much.  He ran a tube up her nose and looked down her throat.  He said she had large-ish tonsils and big adenoids but he wanted her to have a Barium Swallow study to see if there are any strictures or compressions on her esophagus. Her Barium Swallow was this morning. I couldn't go back with her seeing as how I am pregnant. Fernando said she took one sip and spit it out. She said no and that was that. The tech warmed it up for her since she prefers her milk warm and added chocolate, and no. The Radiologist said no at that point too.  So we have no answers.  I called the E.N.T. to see where we go from here.  I am waiting on a call back.
I colored my hair today.  High-lighted it really.  It looks a little red to me, but Fernando swears it isn't .  I am weak and I broke down and let Talise color a little bit of the front of her hair.  Just around her face. It looks really cute.
Neuroblastoma - it scares the mess out of me. I have followed several blogs where this horrible, ugly, mean disease has taken babies form families. Right now Layla Grace is at the end of her fight. It brings tears to my eyes and causes knots in my stomach just thinking of what pain they must be in. I cannot imagine having to watch your sweet baby suffer like that. Sadly, Layla is not alone. Several babies die from this each year.  I check my babies tummies all the time for lumps. I would probably have an immediate stroke if I found one. I tremble at the thought. 
 I have so many things to ask my ob about.  Urine test for Neuroblastoma, pulse oximetry test for Congenital Heart Defects, I am sure I will find out about some other horrible thing to worry about before Bronson arrives. 
Speaking of Bronson, he has been a busy little guy! He has been moving around enough and with the oomph for me to be able to see it outside of my clothes.  He can really pack a punch! I don't mind, it means e is growing as he should.  I've also read that while carrying a boy baby one tends to consume more because of the testosterone secreted by the testes. Maybe that is why my mouth is more like a vacuum these days.  i will blame it on that at least.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010

Bronson is getting big

That's my story. Although he doesn't account for the growth of my backside. I did have a patient at work tell me I must be having a boy because my butt is so wide. How very thoughtful of an injured stranger in my care.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Look at that face

Isn't it the sweetest little face you've ever seen? Well it is definitely one of three that I have ever seen. She's got the sweetest disposition. Always loving and sharing. Never had to worry about her getting into things, until now that is. Yesterday I decided that we would bathe before nap time. Mylie and Talise had colored tattoos all over themselves and we had had homemade milk shakes that had leaked down the front of Mylie so it was time. She HATES having her hair washed. It is never fun, but we have to do it. After we battle the shower I cover her in creamy oil because we tend to have dry skin.  She smelled great and was all cozy in her pj's so we went to dry her hair. I got her all ready for her nap and asked her to go play while I dried my hair. I have short hair, REALLY short.  It takes all of five minutes to completely dry and style. When my hair was dry I went looking for a really quiet Mylie. I found her holding the cream oil tube and covered head to toe in it! OMGosh! I couldn't believe it. She doesn't do this sort of thing. Well, I can't say that anymore. We got her rebathed, hair rewashed (only no conditioner this time) and redressed for her nap. That was incident number one.  Today I am pretty sure I broke my little toe.  i know that there isn't anything they cn do about it. I can only take Tylenol and it isn't touching it. It is swollen, red and stiff.  I cannot bear weight on it without a tear or two. I am in no mood for craziness. Mylie went potty with me and afterwards washed her hands. I hopped to go make lunch thinking she was behind me.  NOPE! She had taken my handsoap into her room to et really clean. It smells so yummy momma. How can you argue with that? It's a good thing she has such a sweet little face!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Winter Break

It started today. As helpful as Talise is, it can be such a headache when she doesn't have school.  Talise is a screamer, always has been. When she is home Mylie follows her lead. They scream. A LOT. They scream out of anger, to be heard over the other one, to get their point across, or just because. By nap time I am usually beat and need to nap too. Talise hates it if I do fall asleep. I don't blame her, she feels alone. They play hard together. They laugh as much as they scream.  They both tattle. They collaborate against me.  They love each other and they say it often, multiple times a day. It is so sweet to hear. It makes the screaming bearable.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Again please!

I LOVE to read.  I always have. I also read to my girls often.  Now that Talise can read to herself I encourage that too.  She will also read to Mylie.  Reading is relaxing, entertaining and builds vocabulary. I like the escape. One of my favorite websites is Paperback Swap.  You can trade your books with other people for the cost of shipping out your books. What a bargain! You can save hundreds of dollars. I love it! As does my husband who enjoys the extra cash. However, I do not like reading the same book more than once. If I've read it before I remember it and it is no longer fun and becomes a chore. I have read the Three Little Pigs four times so far today.  It is 9 a.m.  I am starting to despise the piggies and their lack of common knowledge. I mean really! Who would choose straw for a dwelling? I've met some people that may think sticks is the way to go, but straw?  PUHLEASE! I know it is a teaching story. I don't know that my almost two year old gets it yet. She does LOVE looking at the piggies and seeing the wolf in the pot. Which I also find a bit disturbing.  Cooking your enemy. That'll teach'em! Most nursery rhymes and older stories are quite mean and disturbing when one really thinks about it though, babies falling from trees, boys cracking their skulls, eggs busting open never to be repaired, the list goes on. As much as it dislike it and the retelling of it multiple times a day I will. I want my girls to love reading too. I want them to be smart, have an extensive vocabulary, have loads of self confidence and enjoy the inexpensive escape. So back to the piggies for me!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Damn Strawberry

I went grocery shopping yesterday with my mom.  No big deal, just a dreaded chore that needed to be done or else it was buttered toast for dinner. Well, the produce section had some strawberries cut up with some yogurt fruit dip for people to sample.   Mylie is a fruitaholic, so she wanted some. She is almost two years old and has a mouth full of teeth. She has been feeding herself for about a year or so. When she asked, I obliged. I got a tooth pick and poked a dark red berry, it looked good. I handed it to her and she took a bite.  YUMMY! She was pleased. I went down the canned foods aisle while she ate her berry.  When we came back up she saw the fruit again and said "More please" all sweet in her tiny toddler voice. How could I say no? So this time I got her two berries. She was grinning ear to ear. As she ate I rounded the corner to the canned fruits. I am holding onto the carts handle and looking to my left at canned peaches as I needed some for a delicious cake recipe. My mom very calmly say, Jennifer, Mylie is choking.  I look at Mylie. She is red faced, eyes bugged, looking terrified.  i asked her if she was ok, no response. She couldn't cry, cough, or breathe. I pulled her out of the cart and flipped her over my arm head down to do first aid. I could not remember if at her age I still did it for an infant or a child.  I went with infant. I did several back thrusts and looked down at her.  She was still struggling, not breathing, but some berry came out. My mom went for help. I started doing the back thrusts harder.  FINALLY after what seemed like atleast ten minutes (although I am sure it was less than two) a big chunk of berry came out and she took in a huge gasp of air.  The we cried. It was the most horrible, scary, horrible experience thus far as a parent. We will now be passing all samples while out and about. No more eating in the car either. I want to be close at all times so I don't have to worry. Mylie left with a balloon and a soda both from granny, and more kisses than she'll ever need.  Thank God my baby is okay.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Little guy

I got to take a peek at my little man again. One of the techs at work is still training and wanted to scan me. OKAY!  This time he was head down and had his goods up in the sir for all to see. No bashfulness now. He also looked like he was hitching a ride. I saw the lenses of his eyes, and him opening and closing his eyes.  It was fun.  The only downside is that they couldn't print off any pictures for me. That's ok though.  I'll have plenty of pictures in June!

Friday, February 5, 2010


I have been feeling lonely lately.  I haven't ever been one that has dozens of friends. I have always just kept two or three really wonderful people in my life. Well, now that we are all adults and have families of our own we are apart. I often get jealous of one friend of mines activities. She often posts about going out with some of our other friemds from school.  It's silly to feel that way, she has no idea I'd even want to go.  Plus I work on the weekends when most people are off of work, so even though logically it makes sense, it hurts still. I was so down about being out here away from all of my family and friends that my husband basically demanded me to go to mommy and me this past Wednesday.  I am glad he did.  I haven't been since October, they were great.  They made me feel missed and loved. I shall definitely return. They are such God fearing women that I worry that they wouldn't really like me if they really got to know me. I cuss, yell when I loose my temper, spank occassionally but threaten (my 9 year old) often, watch shows that aren't always appropriate (and enjoy them). Mylie had a good time too.  She even said she had fun and was happy. That was nice to see.  Last time we were there she was so shy that she just sat in my lap and watched the other kids.  Last week she actually interacted with the more docile ones. I went to the doctor yesterday.  My doctor does do they dorsal penile nerve block ~ WHAT A RELIEF!  I have worried about that all week.  I should really stay off of web md! I can really get myself all worked up. Fernando is doing well in school. Only four more weeks! I am happy for him as being unemployed was really getting to his sensse of pride, but I am REALLY gonna miss him.  He can make me completely bonkers, but it is so nice having him home. I pray that he finds something where he is home often(preferably every weekends so I can continue to work). Mylie will miss him like mad and I would like for Bronson to know his daddy. I don't know how to reach Talise lately.  She has been refusing to turn in her school work, rolling her eyes to her teacher, and rushing through things that bore her. Her teacher told me that when she asked Talise about the eye rolling Talise's response was that her mom told her that if she didn't have nice things to say then don't say anything.  True, I did say that. I had to take her project up to the school today because Talise did it, but was embarrassed by it. She didn't think it was good enough, which to me says she should've put a little more effort into it.  I just don't understand. When I was her age I loved praise from my teachers.  I loved bringing home all A's and having my name mentioned about doing something well at school. Talise doesn't seem to care.  It is quite frustrating.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Circumcision woes

I am SO uneasy about this whole circumcision thing. I want Bronson to have it done.  i just wish there was a way to keep him doped up during the procedure and until it heals. I know that is not the case, but I am going to push the issue.  My doctor supposedly uses the gomco clamp and lidocain jelly. That is a joke! Lidocain only numbs the outer layer of skin.  No one is coming near my little guys boy parts with a scapel after only rubbing a little numbing cream around the area. NO WAY! I want a dorsal penile nerve block, and a sedative for me! Not really, although I'll probably need it. I am so anxious about it and I still have 4 months to worry. I hope I can make him see things my way.