Monday, September 27, 2010

Crazy with a plan

So I have received numerous emails  requesting visitation with the kids. No. When he gets into some counseling and back on the medications he is supposed to be on and can pass a drug test showing those meds are in his system, then maybe. I will not expose my children to a risk of abuse or neglect. No more. Sorry. I have explained this to him via email several times. How difficult is it to understand? I also explained to him that my attorney advised me to call the police if he shows up over here. Sunday, while I was at work, my neighbor came over to my house to speak with my mother. He told her that Fernando called him and asked him to come pick him up.  Fernando wanted him to bring him to my house to visit his kids. It is a surprise. He also wanted to know if my moms van was at my house. Thank goodness my neighbor had the good sense to tell him no.  My neighbor used to work for the sheriffs department, he advised my mom to tell me to buy some no trespassing signs to put out. I hate the thoughts of it.  They look so tacky. However, I will. To protect my children, I'll do what ever I have to. It's not that I don't want him to see them.  They miss him dearly. I just don't trust him. I love my babies and want no harm to come to them. With Mylie trying to be independent and Bronson teething they are not the easiest to be around. I don't think he would handle it well. I am not risking it. I pray that he doesn't continue with the craziness.