Wednesday, February 25, 2009

what to do?

It is just so blah here. Mylie doesn't seem to think so though. She's so focused on walking. She doesn't even care about her toys much. She has had a virus, so lots of puke and diarrhea - what fun! She keeps biting my nipples too. I don't know what to do to get her to stop. I take away the breast, I've thumped her on the head. She doesn't care. She clamps down like a dog. It hurts. She is fascinated with my purse. She gets into it constantly. It drives me crazy. Talise has been losing weight. Her Metformin is working which makes us all happy. We all need a hobby!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fernando is back to his old agravating ways

He must be healing well. His nose is looking back to normal. He will not leave it alone though. Mylie is sick. She has occult bacteremia. She has had a high fever (104) and been whiny and lethargic. She's on antibiotics and we get more lab results on Thursday. I am going to start going to a Mommy and Me group next week. I am sadly excited. I never would've thought I'd get excited about that, but it is so hard to make friends as an adult. Especially in Roanoke, Al. There isn't much out here. It's quiet though, that is nice. Mylie now says momma consistently. I like that. I want to be pregnant again. I love my baby. I want another. I am so financially strapped right now though. Fernando has GOT to find a job. I like him being home, but we just cannot get ahead. Every time I think we are going to something else comes up. Valentines is right around the corner. I think I am going to buy Talise some bedding. She needs it. We found a cute set that was inexpensive. We are going to make homemade goodies for her class party. I am practicing making cakes. I am going to make some fondant and try working with it. There are no bakeries here so I could make some side money. I may start babysitting on the side too. That way Mylie can be exposed to other babies. She gets so scared of people. The mommy and me class wanted us to start this week but they are going to give out Valentines to a retirement home. That is a very sweet thing to do, and I would like to do it, but the elderly folks would love to touch my Myliebell (she's beautiful and sweet) and that would totally traumatize her. Talise's winter festival is Friday. I look forward to meeting people at her school. The Metformin seems to be working for her. She looks like she is losing weight already. I hope so.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Well, I might be a good nurse

Fernando had his septoplasty done yesterday. He says that he can breathe much easier already. His nose is really swollen and he's all hopped up on pain meds. He's a good patient though. Here's some pictures of him before and after.