I am an overprotective momma of three beautiful girls and one super sweet son. I am a child advocate, and I get really worked up about child abuse cases. Prevention is key and the courts and DFACS have a long way to go in the protection of our future. I was a Court Appointed Special Advocate for children while I was in college, but had to stop due to scheduling conflicts. I enjoyed it. I work in a hospital, mostly in the emergency department, it makes for interesting work. I stay home all week with my children and only work on the weekends. I don't get to go out with my friends much because of my schedule, but it is SO worth it. I love my family. I have a hard time getting pregnant. I had PCOS until 2006.  I tried for two years for my first child, no medical intervention. When Talise was 2 we started trying again.  After three years and several false positives (either chemical pregnancies or evaporation lines)  I had labs drawn and even though I got my cycle every month I was not ovulating. After 6 cycles of Clomid I finally got my BFP! My sweet Myliebel was conceived. The entire family was elated. When Mylie was 9 months old I decided to start trying again. Since she was nursing still I had to get help to start my cycles.  Ten months after I started trying and with 3 rounds of Clomid we conceived again! Bronson  arrived on June 10, 2010. My newest little snuggle muffin is Bree. She was actually a wonderful surprise! My first and only surprise baby. My husband's first child, his parent's first grand daughter. So far, she is such a sweet little blessing. She entered our world on September 15, 2012, weighing only 4 pounds and 14 ounces and 17 inches long. She is such a tiny little thing, absolutely perfect!