Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thick People

Drive me crazy! I love my job. I love the people I work with. I love that I am helping others in need. It gives me a sense of pride and satisfaction. Before my husband was working I came into work whenever I was needed outside of my normal shift. I'd work any shift they were short on. Then my husband started school. I wasn't a available, but I'd still help when I could. When my husband started actually working I let my supervisor know that I was no longer available during the week. I have no one to watch my babies. I believe a co-worker mentioned it to him also when he spoke to them about asking me to come in. Well guess what? When I went back to work my supervisor had scheduled me two days during the week.  One of which he changed his mind about. As much as my supervisors hates hearing me say no I can't, I HATE having to say it. That is why I let them know that I have my kids to take care of. I don't have family close by and I am not the kind of parent to just dump my kids on anyone that will say OK. There is a reason I work a weekend shift! I don't enjoy not seeing my children all weekend.  I don't enjoy missing taking them to egg hunts and birthday parties. I do it so I can be home with them during the week and can still work. Just because I can only work 32 hours in a weekend and there are still  hours available before overtime doesn't mean that I can be called upon. GRRRR! One more vent, different subject, still thick! I have a person that my child is petrified of. I mean when I went into preterm labor with Bronson that person came to see me. Mylie was so afraid that she wouldn't even come in the room. My husband had to stay in the hall with Mylie. We were all upset. I wanted him there with me, not in the hall. The person obviously didn't get that because they stayed forever.  Not caring that Mylie was freaking out. Not considering that I may need my husband's support. Well, that person just cannot understand why I wont allow them to spend the night at my house. I should just let Mylie deal with it. I think NOT!  My other family members have been questioned about it also. As much as I hate to hurt feelings, my children come before anyone. So sorry! Not going to happen. EVER. Forget the idea.  Some people!