Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Little Thief

I am having a glass of wine. I am so extremely disappointed in my child. She almost brought me to tears. We went to the grocery store. Talise and Mylie were bickering as usual.  Talise was pushing the shopping cart and I was wearing Bronson trying to remember what we needed at home. When we finally finished I decided to stop to pick up dinner.  I asked Talise to move from the front seat to the middle seat so she could hand Mylie her food and they could share a soda. When I looked over at the empty passenger seat I saw a tube of brand new, never opened lip stick. My heart broke.  I looked back at Talise and asked her where it came from. She just looked at me.  I told her I wanted answers and I mean now. She told me from the grocery store. I said "So you stole it!" She just calmly said yup. When I asked her why, she blamed her friend.  One that she hasn't seen since last year. That infuriated me. I cannot stand when people don't hold themselves accountable. I told her that she can't blame her friends for what she does. I was speechless. So disappointed. I sat and thought about it. How could I punish her. We were already close to home and Bronson was flipping out in the back seat. I told her on Saturday we are taking it back and she is going to apologize to the store manager for stealing it. That just isn't enough though. I want to leave a lasting impression on her.  We don't steal. So I decided that I am going to buy a neon poster board and write on it: Don't trust me, I stole lipstick from..." I am going to make her stand just inside the doors so when people come in the store they see her. I want her to remember what she did and be embarrassed. I want her to know I mean business. Fernando is angry with me. He thinks I am going over board.  Too bad. He's not here. I will not have a stealing heathen.