Saturday, August 21, 2010

Waking Up

I wake up quickly and ready to start my day. I sleep in until the last possible minute, then once I get out of bed there is no stopping me. I don't sit around, I get up, get dressed and go on about my day. My husband is a slow starter. He lays around for a bit, then once he drags himself out of bed he makes coffee. He sits and waits for it to brew, then goes out on the porch to enjoy a cup. He then will go get dressed and mess around a bit before he's ready. Start to finish for me: twenty minutes tops, for him: at least one hour.  It makes me nuts. My kids, whoa! Talise has always woke up in a foul mood. I have no idea why. When she was a babe she would scream and wail from the moment her eyes opened. Still to this day when I go to wake her for school she hollers out at me. Mylie used to wake up happy. It made my day. When she was a baby I would wake up to see her staring at me. Who knows when she woke up, she lay contently unless she was hungry. When she was older she would softly say momma, then flash me a big grin when I opened my eyes. Such a sweet way to start my day. Lately, she's woke up screaming at me. If I am not in the room when she wakes up then she really screams, when I go in the room to get her, she'll slither off the bed into the floor and flop around a bit. It is NOT a good way to start my day. Especially since I am usually in the process of changing and dressing Bronson. Once I get he into an upright position she starts barking off orders at me. Turn on my movie, make my milk, hold me, I need a new diaper (which means sit your little bottom on the potty!). The entire time I am following her commands she is repeating Momma! Momma! Momma! Hold me! Sit me on the counter! Let ME do it! It is frustrating. Thankfully, my sweet son  wakes up SO happy, excited to start his day. He smiles big with his deep dimples showing. He wiggles his torso while his feet kick and his arms fly up and down. His entire body moves with enthusiasm. It definitely puts a smile on my face. It almost makes up for the other two grumps.  So, how are mornings at your house?