Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Favorite time of day

I love being able to hold my kids.  What parent doesn't though? I love when we lay down to sleep. At first it is a struggle for Mylie. Bronson sleeps well and Talise sleeps in her own room. Mylie will argue and protest but once she realizes that we are definitely going to sleep she wants to be held. That is the best part of going to sleep. At first she just wants to lay her head on my arm. Then she'll reach for my other arm to wrap around her. Eventually she gets tired enough for me to pull her in really close to me and feel her warmth. I love breathing in her ringlets, smelling of raspberry shampoo. Feeling her warm baby breath on my arm. Hearing her slight hum as she softly snores. I can always tell when she is really out because I can feel the heaviness of her weight really relax onto me. Sometimes I just lay there staring at her profile, those incredibly long, thick eyelashes. She is absolutely beautiful. Perfect. Angelic. Such a big girl, yet still so much a baby. She likes to throw a leg over me as she sleeps. Her fat little piggies resting on my hip. I love snuggling up to sleep. Not just because of the obvious, sleep. I love it because of the closeness and sweetness of my babies. I love it that Mylie asks to be held. She wants her momma. She wants me surrounding her. Wrapped completely around her. I love it. I love my sweet little girl.