Monday, August 30, 2010

Second Verse, Not the Same as the First

My second day back at work was so much better. I woke up feeling 75% better. After my second dose of medicines that day I was back to myself. Just a tad sore. I had a busy but good day. It was so nice to get a break and I enjoyed being back with my co-workers. My babies did OK.  Bronson was wonderful, Mylie acted quite nutty and Talise was her normal self. I came home bearing gifts which the girls loved. Fernando was happy for me to be home and my poor sweet momma couldn't leave soon enough this morning. Her nerves were shot! Mylie treated her dad almost as bad as she does with me. Hold me daddy, non stop. Fernando actually said he really appreciated my mom being here. That touched me because they do not get a long well at all. I'm glad she was too. Something about knowing your mom is near when you are unwell really comforts you. Or at least it does me. When I woke up Saturday and dragged myself into the kitchen and laid my head on her shoulder she completely went into mommy mode. It made me feel so much better. She immediately started looking for the thermometer then wanted to feed me or get some juice in me. She knows how I am about work so she knew I wouldn't call out. She told me to clock in, say hi and go straight to the E.R. I didn't, follow her advise. I waited until my body MADE me listen. I'm glad I went it Sunday though. I enjoyed it. It was really nice being welcomed back. Now, let's see how long this feeling lasts!