Thursday, August 12, 2010

Love Note

Dear Bronson,
We are two months in and I could not love you more. I love you with every ounce of my being. I kiss you constantly, all of us girls do. You don’t seem to mind. I hope you don’t because it’s not stopping until you are able to push me away. When you smile at me my heart melts. I feel sorry for the ladies you come in contact with as a man, those dimples you have are just too much. They won’t know what hit them, I know I don’t. I am overcome. I love watching you suck your little thumb. I love watching you nurse. When you catch me staring at you you grin at me. Such a little charmer. You look amazing in orange, blues, and greens. You are trying to talk. You really watch and focus on our mouths when we talk to you. Granny is insistent on teaching you to say aah goo. Guess what? You did! You mimicked her four times! You smiled so big. You looked so proud. I love it when we cuddle in bed at night. You’ll nurse, then lay your sweet little head on my breast , snuggled up as close to me as you can get. When you start getting fussy I can walk around and sing my song to you and you calm right down. You love to be walked. You also love to be worn and to go outside. Even on the hottest days you’d rather be outside. You really dislike riding in the car still. I removed the head holder and you tolerate the car a bit better. As soon as we take you out of the seat you stop fussing though. I love you sweet boy. I am so proud that you are mine.