Sunday, August 15, 2010


I woke this morning to the sound of Talise puttering around in the kitchen. I bought pre-made breakfast sandwiches so I assumed that was what she was making. You know what they say about people who assume. She was frying eggs and had biscuits in the oven. Very sweet, only I don't eat scrambled eggs or eggs with the yolks cooked all the way. Mylie isn't a fan of eggs, and Talise doesn't eat them at all. She just likes cracking open eggs. So five eggs wasted. I did say thank you and explained that I'd prefer her not to do that anymore.  She was less than thrilled. After breakfast I decided that I would look up recipes to make play dough. Mylie got to play with some for the first time a couple of weeks ago and seemed to really enjoy it. Since Talise is at the age where she likes to be as grown up as possible I figured making it would please them both. We'll see how it goes. Also someone on Facebook posted this link where you can customize your own converse! We have had a blast doing it. I've decided that this is what I will get Talise for her birthday which is coming up.  What a neat idea! We've got to find ways to stay busy on the weekends.  Yesterday was so gloomy and LONG that I debated going to the liquor store @ 9:30 a.m. but decided that is just wrong on so many levels. I have a strict no liquor before 5 policy. So after lunch I had a small bit of wine! Thank goodness I was a pumping fool before my mom had to watch Bronson. After my mid day snack I got all three kids to sleep! First time ever! I decided to sleep along with them.  Then after about an hour the phone rang. Mylie was laying on my right arm and Bronson was nursing on my left side so I was stuck.  I let it ring, then breathed a sigh of relief when they babes didn't wake. Then two minutes later it was ringing again!  SERIOUSLY! Why do people do that? Still they slept. I was awake, but no way was I moving. Just having silence was enough for me. Twenty minutes later, more ringing. Now Bronson was wiggling around a bit. Maybe three minutes later MORE FLIPPING RINGING! Now Bronson was starting to get mad.  I tried to move as gently as possible to get my arm out from under Mylie and get to him before he started to really cry. No such luck. He was wailing. That woke Mylie, aka the beast. You never want to wake up Mylie, not pretty. I went to see who was doing all the calling. First time it was my husband twice. Then my mom twice. I got worried thinking maybe something was wrong. So, I called my mom and asked what was wrong. Her response: Taz (stray cat) had two kittens! Oh. MY. Gosh! SERIOUSLY? That warrants two back to back telephone calls? I don't care. At all. Not a tiny bit. I think I was able to hide my frustration. The day went kinda downhill from there. I don't know why I was so grumpy but boy was I.  I promised myself that I would be nicer today, even if I have to fake it. I think from the start of my day, it's gonna be tough.