Saturday, August 28, 2010

Back on the Chain Gang

Today was my first day back to work. I had been excited about going back until yesterday. I started showing signs of mastitis. Pain, red splotches, achy. I called my doctor so I could get antibiotics before I returned to work. My job requires a lot of pulling patients, helping them stand, helping them slide over. I did not need to feel like poo. Last night I started feeling progressively worse. My mom gave me a tylenol3 and I went to bed. I woke up burning up. My fever was 102.4. My husband felt my head and told me there was no way I could go to work. WRONG. No way would I call in on my first day back.  Plus my antibiotics should be good and in my system by then. WRONG. I couldn't put on my make-up because I was so weak. I couldn't hot iron my hair because standing there to do it made me feel dizzy. I sat for a while before I left to see if I'd feel better. Nope! I just started getting nauseated. Still, I went in. I warned my co-workers that I felt like I had been hit by a truck, my head was pounding. I worked until around 1:00.  I was in the operating room and I was trying to assist the doctor and as he's giving me instructions the room starts spinning.  Everyone sounds really far away and I start to faint. A scrub tech got me to a chair and started pulling lead off me. She got me down to just my scrubs and the doctor told me to go lay down. After resting a bit I called the emergency room and spoke with my favorite doctor.  He asked me to come down and let him check me out. I have a pretty bad case of mastitis that my antibiotic wasn't touching. He sent me home with three prescriptions and orders to come back in if my fever goes up any. He said that often mastitis can lead to an abscess. So after all that I went home. I may not go in tomorrow if I don't feel better. The doctor told me he thinks I should stay home. I dunno. If I feel better I will definitely be there. It was nice seeing all my co-workers. I got to work in the new E.R., it opened the first week I was on leave. Bronson did wonderful with my mom. I was a little worried because when she came over yesterday he cried a bit when she was holding him.  Not today though.  he grinned and cooed. He charmed the pants off of her. I missed him tons while I was at work though, but it is really nice to know he's in good hands. So that was my day.