Saturday, June 19, 2010

Starting Out Perfect

When you have a child, they come out so precious.  All the wiggles, squirms, and little grunts.  Even their cries sound sweet, like music.  The first cry is so amazing that you usually cry right along with them, at least, I do. You try so hard to raise them in a kind, loving, supportive environment.  Life happens though. Sometimes, when really frustrated, I swear. Now, because of that, my two year old finds it HILARIOUS to swear. She's perfected the tone in which to use the words and seriously impresses herself by the reactions she gets when she lets them fly. I am not at all proud of this, quite embarrassed actually. I am often sarcastic. It annoys my husband, and now because of my choosing to behave that way my nine year old annoys me the same way. She is incredibly sarcastic. My husband and I are both opinionated and judgemental, I've noticed my nine year old voicing her opinions freely and judging others often. I don't like it, but it's our own fault.  It's so easy to forget that our little ones watch everything we do.  They study us, even when it appears otherwise.  It is a bit frightening. I easily recognise the bad habits, but there are good ones too. My oldest daughter is very giving of herself. I like to believe that's from me. I try to reach out to people, let them know they aren't alone.  Acknowledge their pain or hardship. Help if I can. They are both silly, so are my husband and I. We are also all reserved at first. I look at my son and wonder what behaviors he'll pick up from us. Right now he's perfect.