Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

My husband is home and the girls are fighting over him! He is so sweet, he wants to take them both some where to give me a break.  Talise is pushing to go to the lake or go to Pets Mart to buy another fish.  I really dislike the fish idea.  Our tank is over crowded as it is.  She just doesn't understand it isn't nice to the fish to have so many.  Mylie just wants to be with her daddy.  She doesn't care as long as she is included. Talise wants daddy time alone. Fernando wants to please everyone.  I suggested staying home, renting movies, buying popcorn, and since he is craving crab legs, get some of those too!  He liked the idea, so that seems to be the plan. I am happy I get to spend the day with him too.  He told me yesterday that when he looks at Bronson he doesn't feel anything.  He left when Bronson was just 4 days old and he didn't get to hold him much at all.  Mylie was very jealous. She wasn't having her daddy hold another baby.  She's always been daddy's baby. It saddened me greatly to hear him say that.  I appreciate his honesty though.  He's held him much more today and I printed off pictures of Bronson and the girls to put in his wallet.  I hope that helps.  He isn't very close to his dad and I really want them to be close.  I know I can't make it happen, but I am going to do my best. I told him in order to bond with your baby you have to love on them and talk to them and hold them often. He does well with that. I hope things change in that department. It's harder for men, especially when they are gone a lot. Bronson's so quiet and sweet. I adore him, I want his daddy to too.