Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Home Life

Since coming home things have been...interesting? Really, I think strained may be a better word. Mylie has been testing me a lot.At least it seems that way. I am trying to not be hard on her and am letting a lot of things slide. I don't want her to feel replaced. Talise has been helpful, but not without something to say about it. I try to let that slide also, but it is much harder because I really don't like a smart mouth. It's been quite difficult to get Mylie down for a nap which hasn't done any good for her mood. My mom is here to help, which is so nice. I get upset when she gets on to my girls though. Well, to a certain degree. Today Mylie threw a ceramic cross in her room which of course busted it. My mother was  abusive to me and my brother growing up , so when she raised her voice to Mylie in that same tone and gave her that same look that used to give me chills I got angry.  I ended up not even really getting on to Mylie because of being upset. I didn't fuss or anything to my mom.  I just corrected the situation. I have to remind the girls seemingly non stop to be careful around Bronson, don't jump on the bed while I am changing him on it, don't shove his paci in his mouth or hold it in there if he isn't sucking on it.  My crazy hormones and just that - CRAZY! Bronson is wonderful. He is soft, sweet and snugly. I could stare at him all day. I am still healing.  I thought I'd feel much better by now, but not so much. It's very difficult to pick Mylie up and just riding in the car is misery.  The doctor said I did have many stitches, but ouch!  Today I am pretty sure I broke two toes to boot! I rammed them into the corner woodwork. It hurt, they are swollen, hot, and stiff. Oh well, just something else for me to whine about. Even when I feel like screaming all I have to do is look at my sweet son and all is well.