Friday, June 18, 2010

Sometimes, I am just amazed

Talise is my oldest child.  We tried for two years to get her. It was a difficult pregnancy and a long, hard labor. When she was born she was scrawny, red faced, huge eyes and hair 2 inches long all over her head. I did not think she was cute, at all. She looked a lot like my mother and she screamed constantly.  I tried sending her to the nursery to rest at night, they kept sending her back to me.  They couldn't calm her. As soon as I held her and she snuggled up to me she would fall out. I held her the entire time she slept. I was worried. When Fernando brought me home from the hospital he had to go straight to work. She was laying in her bassinet and looked up at me and something just clicked. I started crying so hard.  A big, ugly, embarrassing cry. I was completely overwhelmed with such love and devotion for her I couldn't contain it. I was refreshing because I didn't think I was going to like her.  She was so demanding. Sometimes I don't like her, she is JUST LIKE ME! We butt heads constantly. But, /i adore her. Fernando and I tried for   4 years on our own for another child and were very discouraged.  We thought Talise was it. We spoiled her rotten. We gave her our all and she got away with way more than she should have. We cleaned up after her and made special meals for her and she slept with us until I had Mylie. She has come around full circle now. I am so blessed to have her, She proved her skills when Mylie was born.  She did a wonderful job helping and doted on her sister like crazy.  She still does. They bicker and fight like all siblings do, but they will team up and take you down if they feel you are being ugly to one or the other. She has stepped up so much with Bronson you'd think she has a child of her own. She holds him like a pro, she can bathe him and get him dressed.  She makes him grin and loves to hold him. She's go the booty tap while you bounce thing down when he cries. Yesterday we had to take Mylie in to the after hours clinic. I was driving while Talise sat next to Bronson in the middle seat and Mylie was in the center of the back seat. I notice Mylie's head bounce forward a couple of times so I asked Talise to move her head over so I could see better.  Mylie was throwing up. Talise sprung into action.  She grabbed Bronson's receiving blanket to put over her sister and got the baby wipes.  She spoke kindly to her sister, reminding her to lean her head forward, telling her it was OK, she'd clean her up. Talise cleaned as much of the vomit off of her sister as she could while Mylie was in her seat. She then cleaned herself off and went about her business like it was nothing. On the way home from the doctor Mylie threw up some more. Again, Talise handled it for me so I could continue to get us home. We live an hour away from the pediatrician so we all were anxious to get home. Once we got home Mylie refused to take her medicine.  I don't blame her, I'm sure her little belly ached.  Talise did everything but stand on her head to try to convince her sister.  She was worried about her. She gave her a sparkly lip gloss that Mylie had coveted earlier and been refused.  She pretended to take it herself. She begged. I finally told her to just give up. Mylie had a rough night.  She was up until after 2 a.m. I don't know if she was hallucinating or having a really bad dream, but she kept calling out for me even though I was holding her. She refused to put her feet on the bed claiming something bad was on it. She kept looking around looking scared. Finally, she agreed to take her medicine. After I got that in her and drifted off to sleep I feel something tapping my shoulder. It was Talise. She told me that she threw up, but not to worry she cleaned up her mess. She just needed something for her throat, it was burning. I gave her some Maalox and she took a sip and went back to bed.  That was it. I could not believe it. Amazing! Not only did she take care of her sister, but was caring and responsible enough to clean up the splatter of her own sickness. We did something right with that one.  I am so proud.