Thursday, June 17, 2010


Not really.  I've got three kids to tend to.  No other adults now though. My mom went to get her hair colored with Talise. Mylie and Bronson took a nap while the house was quiet. Once Mylie woke up I decided we'd walk down to the mailbox to get the mail.  My mom and Talise met us at the door. I stopped to look at her hair, which looked a lot better, and told her we were going to get the mail. On the way back up the drive way here she comes in her van, she's headed home.  I knew she was leaving today, but I thought she'd give us a minute to get goodbye kisses for MYlie and Bronson. I was mistaken. I am a little panic stricken. She wasn't gone a full 10 minutes before the girls started fighting.  Of course it was while I was in the rest room and Talise was holding Bronson for me. That freaked me out a bit. Talise is trying to be helpful. She is doing well. She has let Mylie sleep with her at night and go in her room to watch movies. That is a big deal for Mylie, Talise usually doesn't allow Mylie in her room. I am actually going to miss my mother though. She was sympathetic when I hurt or was emotional. The kids aren't, they are kids. Fernando doesn't get it, he's not at all sympathetic. It really improved my mood having her here. I knew I'd be left to do it alone eventually, here it is. I hope I do well.  They are counting on me and are way too important to let down.