Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stool softeners, Enemas, Suppositories Oh My!

Mylie has constipation issues. She's had them since she was a baby. We've had to give her Mirilax occasionally since she started solids. After the first bout of constipation she started holding her poop. No amount of prune's or prune juice, fruit, fiber, or water can make her go. Even now, she's battled her poop for four days. I have been giving her a cap full of Mirilax twice a day per her doctor since Monday. She fights the urge to go like a champ. It's unbelievable. Poor girl barely slept last night due to the fight. she will stand on her tippy toes, cheeks clenched, fighting so hard she gets red faced. I broke down and bought an enema per the doctors request today. I was not looking forward to administering it. It went better than i expected and she has since gone twice, but is back to trying to hold it in. I am still giving the Mirilax and may be buying another enema for tomorrow. I hope it doesn't come to that. She's got the worst rash she has ever had because of this. that's part of the problem. She doesn't want her bottom washed. Last night I tried to just rinse her in the shower. She completely freaked out. I decided to use the hair dryer on her poor bottom instead of patting it dry. I had to lay her on the floor and basically tackle her to do it. She is so scared of anything touching her bottom. The doctor wants to try a suppository if the enema doesn't work. I hope this is over soon. My poor sweet little doodle bug.