Monday, July 19, 2010

Busy, busy girl!

Today has been quite an interesting day. It started out with the biggest diaper blow out Mylie has ever had. TMI I know, but it leaked out while I was changing her all over my sofa cushions. They needed to be washed anyways. It was pretty gross. Then, because she has some ant bites on her feet, we had to go to the pharmacy.  I got her dressed, myself dressed and was feeding and changing Bronson so he would be a happy camper during our little trip. Mylie was quiet so I sent Talise to look for her. She had gotten into my hair pomade and gotten it all in her hair, on her clothes and all over her hands. Talise came to get Bronson from me so I could handle that, and when I got to her she was in my make up. Deep Breaths!  I just wiped her down so we could get her medicine. I bathed her when we got back. Afterwards she wanted to play in her pool outside so we brought it on the porch and filled it up. I even got hot water out of the laundry room so the water would be warm. She kept running in the house soaking wet screaming she' scared of bees. After several times I told the girls they had to come in and she had to lay down for a nap. She laid there for about 1 1/2 hours and still wasn't asleep so I told her to go play. I was getting Bronson changed and getting ready to give him a bath and realised Mylie was quiet again. She was in the laundry room holding my economy size bottle of laundry soap sideways and covered in soap. It was about 1/4 inch deep on my laundry room floor and had seeped under both appliances. I was so angry. I went and cleaned her up and made her stay on my bed so I could see her while I cleaned it up. It was NOT easy or quick. At least now my laundry room is REALLY clean and smells fresh! Once that was cleaned up I got my vitamin and a glass of milk to sit and watch t.v. I sat it down while I got myself situated and the first thing little Miss Mylie goes for is my vitamin. Finally, I told her to quit being so busy! I have had enough! A positive to this situation, Talise changed Bronson's diaper for the first time and dressed him and got him to sleep. He actually went to sleep without me and no nursing involved! Talise was very proud of herself, so was I.