Saturday, July 24, 2010


They just don't get it! My dear, well meaning husband is bothered by the amount of crying Bronson does while in the car. It's more of a high pitched scream until he runs out of breath really. His little face will be all contorted in the pose of a scream with no sound for a couple of seconds before he gasps and starts again. He usually starts before we get out of the drive way and continues until we take him out of his seat. Fernando wanted to know why he wouldn't calm down regardless of what we did. I suggested that it could be because he's rear facing and has nothing to see but seat. Fernando's bright idea...switch Bronson and Mylie's car seat. Trying to make him understand that 1. Mylie is in a forward facing only seat for toddler's over a year old, 2. Bronson cant hold his big head up well enough to be forward facing and 3. it's not legal, was next to impossible.  Finally he got it. Then he started saying we had to buy Bronson a new seat. Period. Obviously his seat hurt him somewhere and that is why he is screaming like that. I had to remind him that we paid over $200 for  the seat. They are expensive. He suggested going to a yard sale to get one! SERIOUSLY! I explained the risk of the seat having been in an accident and not being safe.  It's not worth it. Then I reminded him that Mylie used the seat first and never complained. I think he screams because he is usually sleepy when we put him in it.  I always make sure he has a fresh diaper and a full belly before we go anywhere. Bronson is a tummy sleeper and will not sleep in his swing or bouncy seat. He won't even sleep on his Snuggle me Cushion, or in his stroller. he likes to be on my chest or in his bassinet on his belly. i think he's just not in his sleep position and he's tired so it ticks him off. Too bad they don't have tummy riding car seats, our trips may not be so stressful.  Thankfully, I am able to pretty much tune him out, but Fernando isn't around him enough to do that. When I go back to work I was going to leave him the car, but I doubt he'd use it. Hopefully when Bronson gets a little older he'll outgrow it. Fernando thinks it is because I don't let him cry it out at home. He doesn't understand that a 6 week old is too young to cry it out. He needs to have his needs met quickly to bond and form trust. This is why I am taking 12 weeks off of work. I would be so upset to find out Bronson was just left to cry at this age.  He doesn't even cry often, only if he's hungry, has gas, or is in that darn car seat! Oh well, what can you do?  Men!