Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Beyond the Funk

Sadly, things had started getting pretty funky between my husband and I. Towards the end of my pregnancy I started getting quite sour about things. I mentioned it to my doctor, but he shrugged it off as being pregnant. Well, I was no picnic to be around. I think that started it. Who knows. After I had Bronson things got worse. I felt miserable. I had gotten so moody that sweet little Mylie would feel me out a bit.  If she sensed that I was ornery she would tell me how pretty I am or how much she loves me. Sweet girl. Fernando wasn't quite so understanding. I understand he's gone, living in a truck all week. When he gets home he wants to eat a decent meal, take a shower and be around pleasant people. And sleep. He sleeps a lot. Too much for my liking. Oh well. The girls, especially Mylie, would really show out when he came home. That just got me more worked up, and then if he got ugly towards them I'd loose it. I know they are his kids too and he has every right to discipline them, but they are MY babies! I don't like seeing other people get onto them. So it had gotten to the point that when he was home we picked at each other and I would end up in tears. NOT FUN! I didn't even want him to come home. My mood would start going down hill. I ended up talking to my doctor about my emotions and got some help. That only goes so far though. This last weekend started out okay. I had decided it was going to be good.  Period. It didn't end up that way. Saturday was bad, Sunday improved a bit, but Monday was good. We both got over ourselves and started to behave. By Monday night he didn't want to go back to work. He was home last night and everything was very pleasant. We all ate together, when I came to bed with Bronson I asked him to get up and go get Mylie and Bronson's things, and he did.  No arguments.  This morning was wonderful. He's back at work, but I have a feeling I may actually miss him again. That's a good feeling.