Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Up to my eyeballs!

In stress!  Mylie pulled her stunt again and had to face another enema.  Poor girl.  She was miserable. Bronson was also miserable due to his heel prick and immunization yesterday. He wanted to be held, desperately. My mom was here and happy to oblige, only that didn't please him. He wanted me. I wanted to hold him too, but couldn't. Mylie tried her hardest to fight against the enema.  Thank goodness Talise was here to help me with her. We finally got things moving. Then once it started we went through about 15 diapers in a matter of three hours. She only wanted me to change her and put cream (A&D) on her bottom. Every time I'd get her changed and pick up Bronson and get him latched onto my breast well here she'd come crying that she had poop. It was miserable. To put the icing on the cake, we had a rain storm. Thunder, lightening, heavy winds, the works.  Mylie is petrified of storms. Talise, Mylie, and my mom were out on the porch and Talise decided to walk out under a tree.  Then a huge, extremely loud clap of thunder made Talise scream, which scared my mom and nearly gave Mylie a heart attack. She came running in the house red faced, tears pouring, face  contorted, but no sound. Finally and gasp then wailing. It took a while to calm her down. I asked to please go take a shower once the pooping slowed a bit, my mom said sure. I asked because I wanted to be sure she was OK with watching them since both Bronson and Mylie were grumpy. I get in and try to relax.  I was so stressed out.  It felt like everyone needed a piece of me and I had nothing left to give. Then I hear stomping down the hall. Talise is coming to rush me out of the shower because Bronson is crying. He had a dirty diaper. My mom decided to change it for me while I got dried off.  She doesn't usually do diapers so I was glad. Talise didn't want her to do it. Why?  I have no idea. She hovered over my mom the entire time to be sure she did the same thing I do. I thought that was sweet. My mom could sense my rising stress level and offered me a nerve pill! Um, no thank you. I am breast feeding. She meant well though. We were both SO glad when Mylie and Bronson fell asleep. Although Bronson refused to sleep in his bassinet last night. I let him sleep cuddled up to me. He felt better that way and he had a rough day. Honestly it made me feel better too. Whew! I am glad it is over.