Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Adding some color in our lives

The girls fight when they are bored. So, after some brain storming I decided to help them make noodle necklaces. Colored noodles. They were excited about it and didn't fight for about ten whole minutes.  Yay!  Success! So here's what we used.

 Noodles, different types and different sizes, brand doesn't matter.

Food coloring, several different colors so your craft is pretty.

Rubbing Alcohol and lots of it. It helps the noodles absorb the color without getting soft.

Ribbon or yarn, what ever you choose.

Noodles soaking up the colors.  I let them soak about an hour. The longer they soak they brighter the colors.

The noodles drained and drying off.  Aren't they pretty?

Mylie wasn't really in the mood to model her creation.

Talise was a lot more cooperative.

They had a good time and are looking forward to more crafts.  I've already been asked about making homemade play dough. Not today though. They are back to fighting and I need a nap!