Friday, July 16, 2010

Things we do for love

I've mentioned before that Talise was an only child for 7 1/2 years. She was the queen. We fussed over her like crazy. If she fell we rushed to her, dropping whatever we were doing. Everything that happened to her was a huge deal. Then we had Mylie. Talise felt like she was no longer as important. Well when Mylie was a few weeks old Talise fell off of the front porch landing knee first on a bush. She came running in the house crying and laid on the floor. At first I thought nothing of it.  She was a drama queen, which was because of us. Then I noticed something gray in the middle of her knee. I leaned in to look, it was part of a twig stuck down in her knee. Mylie was in her bouncy seat so I jumped up and scooped Talise up and took her to the bathroom to fix her knee. While we were doing that Mylie was screaming like a nut and Talise asked me why I wasn't going to get Mylie.  I told her this baby was more important right now. She STILL talks about that. It meant so much to her that I ignored her baby sister while I tended to her emergency. Since then Talise often says I don't take her to the doctor enough, or get her x-rayed, or fuss over her. So, when she hurt her foot the other day I doted on her. Not enough for her liking though.  She wanted me to take her to my job and get pictures of her foot. I made her wait over night. Yesterday she was outside running and chasing butterflies and jumping on the trampoline but when she came in she was limping and asked me to please call the doctor. So, even though I didn't feel like she needed it I called. She was sitting beside me and I wanted her to feel loved. The doctor told me to just watch her until Monday. Talise was not pleased. Her response was "But I wanted to get an x-ray". Oh well.