Friday, July 30, 2010

Facebook findings

I love getting on Facebook. I like seeing what my peeps are up to. I like seeing photo's of my friends families. I like showing off my family. My favorite though, is looking up old crushes or ex-boyfriends. When I was younger and still dating I would go out with a guy until he started getting ugly on me. Or embarrassed me in some way. Then that would be it. It could be something as silly as not having enough body hair or as serious as drug abuse. I sometimes decided I didn't like their nose or attitude. I've looked up several. Sometimes I am blown away. There are a few  that I think have improved with age. Much more that make me think. wow, I really dodged a bullet. As crazy as it sounds, that is how I knew my husband was the one. He never got ugly. I still think he is hot. I also look up his exes. He's older than me and used to date older women. All I can say is ruff! He makes me feel good. He tells me that I am the most beautiful girl he's ever dated. I feel the same about him. Regardless of that he gave me my babies.  They are gorgeous. I've also looked up people that I went to school with. Some that I wasn't so nice to. I apologized for being hurtful to them. It was as much for me as it was for them.  I felt better. I hate it that I wasn't always a nice girl. I've gotten to know people better on Facebook too. I use it like email. Most of my family is on it. It makes it easier to keep up with them. You can really find out a lot about a person based on their status updates. Which reminds me, I need to go update mine.