Saturday, January 1, 2011

Two posts in one

Talise gave Mylie a make-over. Wow! It's all I got.

 Posing. She is also wearing Talise's clothes. Nice.

I actually like this one, even with the bright blue eye shadow.

She is just so pretty.

Now here is my baby New Year:

Bronson and Granny had a blast playing together today. Granny play rough and although it makes me wince Bronson absolutely LOVES it. She hangs him upside down. He loves it so much that anytime he plays on the floor and she walks by he starts swinging his arms and kicking his legs back and forth. He laughs deep, belly laughs when they play. It warms my heart watching them.

See his dimples? That's from his grinning at what's to come. (check out those thighs!)

They love each other so.

Here's my sweet fella playing on the floor. He's gotten to where he'll actually play by himself on the rug for up to an hour.

I just LOVE those thighs! So squishy.

I am so blessed. Praise God!