Wednesday, January 5, 2011

True Colors

This divorce is really causing his true colors to shine. I must admit it really hurts. He's always been a name caller, we both ended up that way. I never doubted that he'd do whatever it took (besides work) for me and the girls. Bronson was a different story. He has since gone completely nuts. Stalking me, begging me to cut him, lying to me, stealing from me and constantly asking me for money. I am blown away by it all. I have given him almost whatever he's asked for. It makes me question what all he's been dishonest with me about in the past. He says he fired his attorney. Then he hired him back. Not only that but he had the case moved to Randolph county which moves slow as molasses I am so upset.  I am so over this whole thing. Crying. Fighting. Struggling.Well I tell you what as long as he's following then rules of the courts so will I.  I am hurt and fed up.