Friday, December 31, 2010

End of this year

This year has been an interesting one. My life has changed in so much in so many ways. I put Fernando through school. He finally got a job after being unemployed for two years. I had pre-term labor and then had to be induced into labor with my amazing son. I had my first boy. My husband left our family. I survived. I continue surviving. It may seem trivial but I got into my first and hopefully last argument with an dear friend. I was able to buy my mom jewelry for Christmas for the first time, that made me very proud of myself. I bought my dad a Christmas present for the first time in many,many years. This was the first year we did not have a big Christmas dinner. This year I learned just how special my Mommy and Me ladies are. Truly precious and kind, amazing women. Talise has stepped up and become such a wonderful daughter. She still gets an attitude but she has gotten to a point that if she sees that her brother or sister need something she just handles it. Makes me so proud. 2010 has been something else. Can't wait to see what the rabbit has in store for my family.