Thursday, January 6, 2011

So in love

I've said it a thousand time or more. I adore my children. I love breast feeding them. Something about it is so loving and personal. Even when Mylie FINALLY stopped at 25 1/2 months and I was beyond pregnant I still grieved over it. All three of my babes have been excellent nursers. Bronson took right to it. He's cut way back but I offer him the breast often. He can be a bit lazy and will fuss if my let down isn't  right away. But at night, when he wakes to nurse I love it. Looking down at that sweet face. Knowing that not only did my body give him a space to grow but can also provide all the nourishment he needs. Amazing. It's so bonding.Duh, I know. But until you've done it you just can't grasp it. We are so connected. I wouldn't ever change it. So in love.