Monday, January 3, 2011


On Christmas evening I received a telephone call from a friend of Talise's father. He said that the friend really loved Talise and wants her to go to the movies with her. The friend wanted to see Gulliver's Travels (very good movie). He said I'd be welcome to come along to chaperone if I'd like. Of course I said yes, no way would I let my child go anywhere with someone I have never met. I looked up show times and the earliest one was at 2. I wanted to go to an early one because I had to work third shift that night and needed time to take a nap before going in. He shows up 3 hours early, even after I reminded him of the show time. After he picks us up he drives to this ratty trailer to look for a gas can to put gas in his truck. He didn't find it so we had to stop on the way.  After putting gas in his truck he said he needed to make a stop about a job.  Not what I would do if I was taking someone out.  After stopping three or four times we finally park to get some lunch. He chose a local hot dog joint. Yes, I said hot dog. Fine cuisine. The kids are with us so whatever. After he pays the total of $18.79 for all four of us to eat he turns to me and in front of the girls asks me if I have any money. In my head I was thinking Seriously!!!! Yes I do. He then tells me since he had to pay for gas he no longer has money to get us into the show. To say I wasn't impressed is an understatement. So I pay for us to get in and buy concessions to the date I was asked on. The movie was enjoyable, although I caught him asleep a couple of times. You know, at the movie he asked ME to, then asked ME  to pay for. Yeah, asleep. After it was over on our way home we had to stop by the ratty trailer once more for him to syphon gas out of the old beat up van to put more gas into his truck. After THAT stop he tells me when he gets his UNEMPLOYMENT check in he'll take me out some place nice. Um, No you won't buddy. That's quite alright.