Saturday, December 25, 2010

Santa came! Santa came!

Here's Bronson's loot. I think he must have been a really good boy.

He LOVED his cars, links and glow worm the best!
 Can you tell he just woke up?

My favorite photo of him enjoying his new toys.

Isn't that the sweetest little grin ever?

Here is Mylie's loot.

Her doll is most definitely her favorite. She was excited to see it and hasn't put it down much at all.

She named her Annie. That is a big deal. Only one other doll of hers has a name, all others are baby.

Here is Talise's loot.

She likes her Nintendo DS XL the best. She also was happy about new bedding, curtains and wall decor for her room. She says her room now looks like a teenagers. That is her goal. To look as grown as possible. We had a great day.They made out like bandits. Granny even caught Santa and snapped a picture.

To top that off, if anything could be better, it snowed! Our first ever white Christmas. We are so very blessed.