Thursday, December 23, 2010


I am SO stoked about Christmas. This year is the first year ever that I have been able to buy my mom jewelry. I was SO excited about it I could barely contain myself. I gave it to her the first weekend in December. She loved it so much that she had to wear it right away. That made my heart smile.  All my father wanted was two old John Wayne movies. We just recently re-connected after 9 years of not speaking. I don't think I have ever gotten him a Christmas present. He mentioned to me while on the phone that he left my brother a voice mail asking for the movies since he hasn't ever bought a present for my father either. I immediately ordered them with two day shipping so he should have gotten them yesterday. He was surprised and very grateful that I would do that. He asked my brother because my brother is much better off than I am right now. I am just so pleased that I CAN buy gifts this year. I mean, besides for my kids. I already left my babes open their presents from each other and from me.
 I even got my mail lady a gift. I cannot wait for her to see it. I got her some Godiva chocolates and a travel coffee mug. She is the best. Such a sweet lady. I took some more holiday photo's of my favorite little man for your viewing pleasure.

Look at the cute little booty in the background! So sweet! Merry Christmas to all my blog friends! I love you all!