Monday, December 6, 2010

I love a bargain. I feel a rush whenever I score a deal. Like today, I went to Old Navy to buy sweaters for the girls. Right now their sweaters are buy one get one free.AWESOME.I recently lost my debit card and had to cancel it,so I couldn't shop online. So, I trekked an hour to the closest one just to partake the deal. Talise couldn't find any sweaters she liked, but I got Mylie two super cute ones. Their fleece was also a pretty good sale. In all I got Talise a fleece zip front top, fleece pants and two pair of gloves. Mylie left with 3 fleece outfits and 2 sweaters. Bronson got a fleece one piece. My total $102. and change.Score! I was  happy. It was worth the drive. Oh, and while we were shopping Talise informed me that she thinks she is goth. She has decided that grey,black and browns are her new colors and because of that she must be goth. And so it begins.