Monday, December 13, 2010

Six months

Life needs a pause button. This is just flying by. It's not fair! Bronson turned six  months old last Friday, December 10, 2010. I tried real hard to get pictures of him. Those darn teeth prevented that from happening though. Those teeth are right there, just under the surface. I can see an outline, they just won't pop through. My poor guy is having trouble sleeping because of those teeth. He's also got a terrible rash on his lower belly and around his boy parts. I am taking him to the doctor in the morning. I need to see if there is anything else that is keeping him miserable. His sweet little face just looks sickly, even when he smiles. He's almost got the roll from back to belly thing down. He's sitting up well, but still assisted. He is eating like a champ! He loves being sung to, hearing new words and for you to whisper in his ear. He thinks it is incredibly funny to let his head dangle down. Like when he's laying on my lap on his back with his fat little legs up my chest and his head hanging down the front of my knees. He giggles like a mad man. He has a favorite toy, a baby sized stuffed bear. He loves it. He will squeeze, cuddle and chew on it.Bronson also loves being naked. Because of  his rash I have been letting him lay around diaper less a bit. I looked over at him and he on his back, watching the t.v.,legs all sprawled out just chillin. Too cute.  I've also been using the blow dryer on low to dry him off after bath and diaper changes. Another win. He was so into it. As soon as I turned it off he whimpered! Little stinker! I think he is already training me. My mother swears it. I can't help it though, he's super cute and so squishy and kissable. I've just got to hold and kiss him all the time. Six months have flew by, but they have been an amazing blessing, full of love, cuddles, giggles and grins. I cannot wait to see what the next six bring. Thank you for choosing me to be your mommy Bronson. I am unworthy, but truly honored. I love you bigger than the world!