Thursday, December 2, 2010


So, I was thinking, maybe I should change the name of my blog. After all, I am no longer baby questing. I've got three amazing babes. Although I will not rule out more later just yet. Only time will tell. So I've been pondering new titles. A couple I've thought about are Blessedx3, and pre-Teens, Toddlers, and Newborns Oh My! I'm up for suggestions though. I have been a bargain finding fool! Every time I say I'm done, no more, no way I come across a bargain I just can't refuse. I pass them along to my friends but I usually partake in them also. I think it is because I've had to say no so often for so long. Last year I was only able to get the kids a few things each. Actually since Mylie was born because when Mylie was 4 months old Fernando quit his job. He didn't work again until March of this year. So I think that's part of why Talise gets so ill with Mylie. Talise USED to have amazing birthdays and Christmas's. I'd easily spend $1000.00 or more. She was our only for so long that once I finished x-ray school and got a real job I spoiled her beyond rotten. Maybe not my best idea, but her dad hasn't ever been a big fan of work so I wanted to make up for all the time I wanted to get her things and couldn't. Made up I did, big time! Then, after Fernando quit his job, we had to come up with the five gift thing. I really didn't like it. I know she doesn't NEED a lot , all of her needs are met, but I LOVE being able to give her things. Nice things. Especially now. She's helped me SO much! I've probably over done it but oh well! Another thing, I've always wanted to give my mother jewelry. She adores jewelry. She's also helped me out tremendously. Often when Fernando was out of work or when he blew our money on stupidity she'd buy Talise clothes or shoes. She's deposited money in my account to keep things from bouncing, she's loaned money and bought necessities. She's been wonderful and deserves something nice. So she was looking at a jewelry book I had gotten in the mail and oohing and aahing so I told her to circle the things she really likes. Well, when I went to order them ( a pair of diamond earrings and ring) they didn't have the rings she had circled,but they did have a really pretty diamond ring that looked great with the earrings. So, I bought it. Last night, they had one of the rings she had circled, so I bought it too. My intention was to take back the first ring. I showed it to Talise and she likes the bigger ring from last night the best, but thinks the ring I already picked looks better with the earrings and that Granny will like it better. Now I am torn. In the thirteen years I was married I never got any real diamonds. Heck, not much jewelry at all,none after we had kids. My mom bought me jewelry. So I am tempted to keep one for myself. I've also debated giving her both. What to do, what to do. I may take pictures and post them on Facebook for a vote. I need to go buy fabric for the kids stockings. A wonderful friend who is quite crafty is going to make them monogrammed stockings. I just have to find material. Of course out here in the sticks they don't have any fabric stores. I wonder if Joann's lets you order it online? OK, enough rambling, here's a few photo's that Talise took of Mylie. I think she did great.