Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I just love Christmas. As a kid it was all about the gifts. Now I really enjoying giving gifts. I am so pleased to know that I made someone smile. I truly enjoy teaching my children about giving. I like to let them out money in the Salvation Army bucket. They get a real kick out of doing it too! I love putting together goody  bags for Talise 's class. All the lights and pretty decorations are so much fun. Each year we attempt a Santa picture. We have not been successful since Talise was about 2! We have not attempted yet this year, but we will! Every year I buy them each their own ornament. My goal is for them to have some to take with them when they leave the nest for their first Christmas tree. I let the girls open their presents from each other on Christmas Eve. They may be disappointed this year as they both got clothes, but they ARE girls,right? I cannot wait for Christmas morning. I am excited for them to see what they got from Santa. They've already received their Santa Santa videos and I plan to get them an I Caught Santa photo this year. This may be the last year Talise believes. I hope not. I think Mylie may be old enough to start understanding the meaning of Christmas too. i still need to buy the fixings for Magic Reindeer Food  so Santa finds our house.I am a little worried because my mom has to put out Christmas as I have to work overnight Christmas Eve. Hopefully she can do it right. This year I am also going to try to take them down to the Fantasy of Lights. I think that would be a lot of fun. We are all looking forward to Christmas dinner. it is so nice having family over. Catching up and hanging out. I wish my brother lived closer. I am still stoked about this holiday though. I feel so much love towards others this time of year.