Monday, November 1, 2010

First visitation

Talise had been excited all week. Mylie was a little reluctant. I was SO worried that I had to fight back tears the whole way there. We met up at Ingles in the parking lot as I had to have him served also. That was close to my server. My server never showed( I later found out her phone was on the fritz) so I stopped a stranger! I explained the situation and he gladly signed my form and handed the papers to Fernando.  What a relief! I kept assuring Mylie that she was going to have so much fun. She didn't want to get in the car at first. Once she got in, she told me to get in the drivers seat. I explained that I had to go home with granny and Bronson because I had to work the next day. She said OK. I again told her that they were going to their aunt's house with their daddy.Their aunt has a puppy and a kitty and she could hold the and play with them. That pleased her some. Once I got her buckled in and got in my car to go I cried a bit. It's so hard. I felt totally helpless. No control. I am a control freak, so that made me completely anxious. I called once on the way home. I called again first thing Saturday morning. By Saturday evening Talise called me begging to stay another night. Her aunt was willing to go buy her an outfit for school and Fernando agreed to bring her to school on Monday morning so I said sure. Since Mylie's been home she's talked about her aunts dog "Porky" non stop and continuously asks to go to aunt Melia's (Amelia). Talise talked a mile a minute about her weekend. I couldn't even process much of what she said. They had fun. They needed that. From what I hear their aunt had fun too. I know their daddy was happy to spend time with them. It was difficult but so worth it. Once I heard their stories told with a smile and excitement I knew it was the right decision.