Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Money, money, money

Funny thing about divorce, money becomes a big issue. Ever since he left and found out I hired an attorney he has questioned me about child support. How much? When is it going to start? Who is going to claim the kids on taxes? My questions to him...When are you going to help me out with your children? He feels like all I talk about is money.I feel the same towards him. I just freak out about Christmas. I have to be Santa and buy them things from me, which I am used to. He was unemployed for two years. It's just not fair that now I have to do it for three while he buys them one gift a piece and is SUPER DAD!!!! Plus, what he said he was going to get them (bikes) he is now saying he may not be able to get. How not? For the one's they are asking for we are talking about $140.00 tops. Meanwhile Santa is supposed to bring the new Nintendo DSI plus games and that Fisher-Price computer plus games. Those are just the big ticket items. They get 5 toys  piece from Santa, plus 1 from me and one from each other. Our family tradition is to buy each child an ornament each year, I've still got to do that. I CAN do all these things.  I WILL do them. It's just the point.  He acts like he's doing  me a favor. RAISE your kids! HELP! It's your responsibility!