Tuesday, November 23, 2010


This Thanksgiving will be Bronson's first one ever. It will be the first one the girls celebrate with out Fernando. It will be the first one I work on. I bought the goods to cook yesterday. Our menu consists of turkey breast, mashed baby reds, speckled butter beans, pumpkin casserole, rolls and for dessert : carrot cake. Not a big menu. I know. My family has really dwindled over the years. Growing up, we had huge family dinners. Grandmother's on both sides of the family, 2 aunts, 2 uncles, their families and sometimes friends all came to our house to celebrate. It was total chaos, I LOVED it! We had so much food. Always a turkey and a ham, my grandmothers dressing, gravy and burnt (nearly every year) green beans. There were at least 8 side items and 5-6 desserts to choose from. We ate around 1 p.m. but got together around 11 a.m. and hung out until 6 or so. All the ladies sat around talking and telling stories while the guys watched the games. I loved it. Then my uncle and his wife moved to Texas. After that my other uncle's wife passed away rather quickly from Cancer. A few years later my grandmother died. Then my other uncle moved to South Carolina. Last year, my favorite aunt died.Now it's just me, my babes, and my mom. I still cherish it. I'm helping make memories for my children. I just hate that our gatherings are so small. No cousins for them to run around and play with. Just us. We'll still eat until we're stuffed. We'll still be thankful, after all, we have each other.